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About Us

We strive to keep it simple. If we can make your job easier and more profitable, then we have done our job. Our resources are focused on offering the key product you need, on time, with little or no back orders. To do that we employ the latest technologies; keep our stock levels ahead of demand; make it easy to gain visibility of our in-stock positions; and employ a high achievement staff to cater to your business needs. We are here to help. You can count on us, each day, every day.

The Experts

Maevn is a team of experienced professionals. Each of the management team has years of successful experience in the uniform market. We bring that expertise to everything we do, from superior design, to world-class sourcing, to integrated distribution, to focused customer support. These are the standards we bring and coupled with the highest integrity in the market, it provides the specialty store retailer with a one-of-a-kind supplier.

Our Goal

Maevn works to be your number one supplier of medical uniforms while maintaining a high level of integrity, reliability, and transparency.

Our Promise

Maevn makes every effort to ensure we deliver a product that meets the retailers’ needs. The Maevn brand will be elevated through commitment to quality, unquestionable reliability, and superior customer service. Maevn will always be known for listening to their customers, anticipating their needs, and proactively developing solutions for a profitable partnership.

Our Strategy

Maevn’s strategy is to provide the best value in the marketplace through high quality merchandise, competitive pricing, and complete on-time delivery. Our product line will focus on the key elements for the individual needs of the healthcare professional and versatile enough to please the largest group. Our staff will exceed the norm for the industry and strive for excellence in all phases of making your business profitable and our relationship beneficial.