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Team Maevn Spotlight: Adriana – Animal Clinic of Farmers Branch




The phones are ringing off the hook and puppies are walking through the door with wagging tails of excitement. It’s nearing the end of a busy Friday for Adriana Aleman. Beginning as an intern, Adriana has worked as a vet technician at the Animal Clinic of Farmers Branch, TX for the past ten years. She loves her job and feels like she is benefitting her community. At the same time, she acknowledges how challenging her work can be.

What is your favorite aspect of the job?

“My favorite part about working here is coming to work and playing with the cats and dogs.”

What is the most difficult aspect of the job?

“The hardest part is having to be on your feet most of the day, having little time for breaks and learning new skills on the job.”

Adriana has a degree in animal science and first pursued an internship at the veterinary clinic to learn more about this field of work and get hands on experience working with animals. When she began working here, she expected the job to be simple: say hello to customers, check-in the animals and wait for the next patient. In reality, Adriana does a lot of heavy lifting and deals with unpredictable animals, but she hasn’t let that change her love of animals and has gone on to adopt five dogs of her own.

Adriana wants to keep working as a vet tech for now and wants to continue helping the community through animal care.



Instagrammers Killin’ EON Maevn Scrubs


We can’t lie. Our EON collection is one of our most popular brands that has became the social media favorite and a few of our instagrammers have said so themselves. Check them out and see how they wear their new favorite scrubs!


Photo by: Alessandra Lopez


Our scrubs traveled all the way to Sydney, Australia! Alessa approved our EON scrubs as being ‘up for the task’ when it comes to working 12-hour shifts or traveling the world! Check out her instagram to see more traveling adventures!



Photo by: Sharon Smith

Sharon is looking so stylish this fall in her back-to-school EON scrubs! Follow her on instagram for more scrub looks and how you can help spread awareness about infertility!

Blog pic Tran

Photo By: Tram-Amh

Check out up-and-coming Pharmacy Tech Tran-Amh. She needed new scrubs that would outlast her hectic schedule and our EON scrubs made the cut!! See what’s up on her blog here for helpful tips on how to awesome PT!


Photo by: Shanice


Shanice stays cool and dry in the warm California weather when she wears her EON scrubs. Check out her instagram for more stylin’ scrubs and inspiration.




Stylin’ Summer Scrubs in Three Easy Steps


We’ve all seen the pictures of runway model med students in a perfect pair of scrubs, who somehow manage to look amazing AND maintain an insanely busy schedule AND a perfect diet. It seems impossible right? How do they manage to just “throw something on”, but still look so stylish and comfy in their scrubs? Well we did some digging (and Instagram stalking) and came up with a few pointers when it comes to mixing comfort and style in the medical field.

1. Go Bold

If you have the luxury of choosing your own scrub colors, big, bright, beautiful colors make for a great fashion statement and can be tailored to match your personal style. Whether you’re wearing show stopping royal blue, sultry wine, or even sweet strawberry pink, there are colors out there for every personality. Now we know what you’re thinking… neutrals are great and they do go with anything, but take a chance and spring for a pop of color. You might be surprised by how great it makes you feel!

2. The Tuck

It’s all about the waistband and we don’t just mean the super stylish Eon Scrubs (although if you’ve got ‘em, flaunt ‘em). Tucking in your scrubs works for pant styles and adds just the right amount of flare to your every day scrub look. This new trend has been storming social media and we can’t deny that it rocks! If you’ve ever dreamed of giving off that effortlessly stylish vibe on the job, this is the way to do it.

3. Sleek and Relaxed Hair

Even if you don’t have a lot of flexibility with the color or style of your scrubs, you can still spice up your work look with a sleek hairdo. Putting a slight wave into your hair makes you look polished and professional without taking up too much time. For those of you who don’t care to have hair in your face during work, a half-up half-down look will have the same effect. Pulling half of your hair out of your face with a hair tie or clip is a quick and fashionable way to keep your vision hair-free and still show off those flowing locks.




BecomingMD Wore our EON Scrubs for a Day:

What She Had to Say…

Influencer blog post 2


“If you are in the market for a new pair of scrubs, you need to shop Maevn’s selections.”

Meet Ariana:

Ariana is an up and coming medical student and blogger. She wears scrubs on the daily and wanted to see if the moisture-wicking fabric of our COOLMAX EON scrubs really works. We believe in our scrubs and were up for the challenge, so we sent her a pair!

In the spirit of being a fair and accurate judge, she wore our scrubs for a full day at work to see how they really performed on the job. As we expected, the EON scrubs met her expectations. Not only did they hold up to the challenge of her hectic, Med School life, but Ariana loves them so much that she plans to buy more! Thank goodness for that because Ariana ended up sharing her EON experience with all of her readers.

Click here to see the full article on what Ariana has to say about our scrubs!

5 Great Self Care Tips for the Medical Professional




It’s no secret. Being a med professional is a ton of work! With long hours tending to the needs of others and saving the world it can be easy to forget about the care your own body needs.

When was the last time you shook out your limbs or busted out into a 30-second dance routine to relieve some stress? When your body feels bad and your health is on the fence, you can’t provide top-notch healthcare to patients. Taking care of yourself is important to staying healthy and feeling awesome! Here are a few TLC tips to keep your body at it’s best!

1. Drink water… then drink more!

This is an easy one that’s sometimes hard to remember when you’re hard at work. Set fun goals to help you remember to drink water. Make sure that they are realistic and work with your schedule. Adding fruits like strawberries and melons to your water gives an extra bit of flavor and replaces soft drinks and sugar-filled juices. Setting alerts on your phone can help remind you throughout the day. There’s also several apps you can download like Water Your Body [link] that encourages you to drink more water.

2. Get some rest

Sometimes when you’re working long hours, sleeping sounds like a foreign activity! However, being well rested is an essential part of maintaining good health and staying focused at work. Believe it or not, a 10-minute nap CAN make a huge difference! Short power naps are a common remedy to help re-energize your body and keep your mind sharp and alert.

3. Snack Healthy!

Self Care Pic 2

Eating light snacks throughout your day acts as fuel to increase your metabolism, improve your focus and keep your body running during the day. Some great finger-food snacks like apple slices, walnuts, almonds, grapes and yogurt are all great things to munch on in between tasks.

4. Breathe in… Breathe out

Take some time out of your busy schedule to slow down. Five minutes of peace and quiet can help you listen to your body and observe any stress, bad feelings or disturbances that hinder you from feeling rested and relaxed. Even two minutes of silence during the day has proven to make a difference for both your body and your mind – in other words, it IS possible to actually rewire your brain to relieve stress and anxiety!

5. And finally, Treat Yo’ Self

Self Care Pic 3

We all like to be compensated for the hard work we do, especially after a long stressful week. There’s nothing like going all out on yourself for the effort you put into helping others. Go ahead and buy those new scrubs with the waistband you’ve been eyeing all summer, (like EON by Maevn - shameless plug!)  Spend a little extra to get your nails done or take a night off in your favorite pair of comfy new socks with a glass of wine. Whatever pleases you, enjoy it. You deserve it!



Finding the Right Maevn Scrubs for You

Scrub-wearers come in all shapes and sizes but as any med professional knows, scrubs aren’t always the most flattering or forgiving. We believe in designing scrubs for every body type. Whether you have a small frame, great curves or are somewhere in between, we’ve got you covered. Here’s a quick guide to help you choose the Maevn Collection that matches your body type.

1. Small and Petite

Baggy scrubs are the worst. No one wants to drown in their own clothing. There’s nothing worse than looking for scrubs and finding out that the smallest size offered is STILL too big. If you can relate to the struggle of the small and petite, try our Red Panda and Core Collections. Both offer styles in XXSmall with pants in Petite and Regular length. Plus, they each offer unisex options which means a perfect fit isn’t just for the ladies!

2. Got Curves?


No shame in that! Flaunt what you’ve got in our new Pure Collection. The fabric of Pure is designed for comfort and a flexible stretch that shows off in just  the right places. We’ve tested this fabric on every “body” from xsmall to 3XL and trust us, you’ll look and feel amazing.

3. Sweaters

Alright, we know this isn’t a body type but it is a big deal. Some of us glisten and let’s be real, some of us just plain ‘ol sweat! Don’t let your hot-natured body get you down. Our EON Collection features new COOLMAX Fabric Technology to keep your body feeling great when you’re on the move. The moisture-wicking properties fabric forms a barrier that provides all day comfort. BONUS: We also offer COOLMAX fabric in our KNITS Undercare Tees for those of us in the constant struggle of coming in from outdoor heat into a cold overly air-conditioned workplace.



High-water pants flatter no one. No one in scrubs at least. Our Red Panda, Eon, Blossom and Core Collections feature tall inseams tailored just for the professional with a little more length. y!

5. Sleek and Simple

Sometimes it’s nice to just have a reliable pair of scrubs. It’s not a body type, just a preference. If simple professionalism is the look you’re going for, take a look at our Red Panda and Core Collections. All the style you need, with durable long-lasting fabric, at a great price.

Looking for more!? Check out the rest of our collections